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Uncle Fucka - South Park-Uncle Fucka!01:53

Uncle Fucka - South Park-Uncle Fucka!

"Daggit Fraka" is an anonymously-penned filk song parody of Trey Parker's "Uncle Fucka." It simply replaces all profanity with their fictional equivalents.


Shut your frakking face, Daggit Fraka!
You're a wormhole sucking, licking Daggit Fraka!
You're a Daggit Fraka, yes, it's true.
Nobody fraks daggits quite like you.

Shut your frakking face, Daggit Fraka.
You're the one that frakked your daggit, Daggit Fraka!
You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
You just frak your daggit all day long.

What's going on here?
Frakker, frakker, Daggit Fraka
Daggit Fraka, Daggit Fraka

Shut your fraking face, Daggit Fraka!
You're a jagon-biting drannit, Daggit Fraka!
You're a Daggit Fraka, I must say.
We fraked your daggit yesterday?

Daggit Fraka that's d-a-g-g--i-t!
Frak you, Daggit Fraka, get out.
Suck my yarbles!

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